Project Overview:

We serve some of the most historically underserved users, many of whom have been stuck using unintuitive and clunky software for their whole careers. It's not uncommon that users spend 4-6 hours+ a day using and interacting with Groove. Our goal is to elevate the user and the work they can do.
We're looking for awesome, well rounded engineers who want to take on big challenges, collaborate closely with others, grow a lot, and help shape the future of the company. You will have a direct influence on product and technology decisions and help define our culture as we change how companies and teams sell.
Our engineering organization is split into product based squads. You'll be joining one of these squads and working most closely with each engineer and product manager within the squad.

Надія Бердій

Your profile:

  • You value writing tests, pairing, and making an impact on end users;
  • You enjoy white-boarding data models and workflows with others;
  • You've built and supported things that operate in production and at scale;
  • You seek the best solution given real life constraints - not the best academic answer;
  • You communicate well;
  • You take initiative and ownership by identifying issues and fixing them or communicating them with the team without being asked;
  • You're intellectually curious;
  • You're passionate about building technology to help the workflows of a historically neglected user-base;
  • Demonstrated self-motivation and a personal track record of life-long learning.


  • Ruby on Rails knowledge and experience;
  • Good OR mapping and RDBMS engineering skills on MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, and/or Oracle to include high proficiency with SQL, DDL, stored procedures, and schema design;
  • UI development skills using JavaScript and ReactJS/Redux;
  • Knowledge in web services / API standards, technologies and tools (e.g. XML, SOAP/REST, GraphQL, etc.), experienced in architecting enterprise-class web services and API.


  • 2+ years of professional software development experience with use of Ruby on Rails, or Python;
  • Professional performance engineering experience with large scale application performance tuning and benchmarking of millions of daily transactions and terabyte databases;
  • Experience with NoSQL data management and analysis technologies such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Hadoop, HDFS, HBase, Pig, Hive, Redis, MemcacheD, Redshift, etc. is a plus.
Nice to have:
  • Java/J2EE, Python, or C#/.Net or equivalent web application frameworks;
  • Web application development experience that required heavy use of related commercial or open source web application frameworks;
  • Professional RDBMS development experience that leveraged complex SQL, DML, DDL, and well-designed schemas. Directly PostgreSQL experience is a plus;
  • Salesforce Development experience (Apex, LWC, Visualforce, SOQL);
  • Chrome Extensions Development.

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