Project Overview:

Our client is a company that wants to make a difference. Founded in 2000 we’re still delivering on our original vision of transforming how the industry can work collaboratively on a single unified platform. We are providing market-leading solutions for road freight digitization and wider technology solutions for the logistics industry. The company currently provides the largest exchange within the UK, Courier Exchange, with approx. 8000 business members, 10,000 transactions every day, 2.1m confirmed orders.

Why we rock?

  • You will help to build the best KYC/KYB solution on the market;
  • We are a growing technology services company with investment in new products and solutions for the logistics industry;
  • The way of working. Fresh setup, minimum to none legacy processes and technologies;
  • Best practices. Our team possesses strong background in continuous delivery approaches, automated testing;
  • Self-fulfillment. This is a new role – roll your sleeves up, get stuck in and make your mark in the business.

The Engineer we are looking for will be part of the team responsible for creating customizable solutions for onboarding new drivers\companies and developing a customizable flow of new users registration with automated parts of identity\documents and licenses checks via available APIs.

Анастасія Штанопруд
  • Work closely with product owners and principal engineers to implement, test, and continually improve scalable Java applications;
  • Take accountability for implementation and quality of software products as well as time and complexity estimation of own technical tasks;
  • Develop software products using Agile methods, tools, and continuous delivery process;
  • Participate in design reviews, code reviews, and product demos;
  • Collaborate with other engineering teams to resolve dependencies and deliver high-quality software on time.

    Technology Stack: Java 11, Spring (Boot/Data/Security/MVC), REST(Jersey)/SOAP, BPMN/DMN (Camunda), NoSQL (Mongo), PostgreSQL, AWS (S3, DocumentDB), OIDC/OAuth/JWT (IM Keycloak), SendGrid, Maven, Docker/Kubernetes/Helm, Jenkins, GitHub/JIRA/Confluence/Miro
  • 5+ years of experience with Java and modern frameworks;
  • Experience with microservices and event-based architectures;
  • Practical knowledge of design patterns;
  • Experience with Spring (Boot/Data/MVC/Integration);
  • Experience in building RESTful services;
  • Experience with usage of SOAP services;
  • Experience with NoSQL (MongoDB, ElasticSearch);
  • Experience with RDBMSes (PostgreSQL );
  • Experience with one of BPMN tools (Camunda, Flowable, Activity, jBPMN, etc.);
  • Practical experience working in cloud-based infrastructure (AWS);
  • Advanced user of Git, JIRA, Confluence;
  • Good spoken/written communication in English.
Nice to have:
  • Experience with one of BPMN tools (Camunda, Flowable, Activity, jBPMN, etc.);
  • Experience with usage of Redis (queue/pub/sub/distributed structures);
  • Experience with GraphQL;
  • Experience with Drools.

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