Project Overview:

A global professional services company providing organizations with tools for cloud enablement and transformation. Through a unique combination of expertise and agility, the company accelerates cloud innovation and helps organizations fully unlock the value received from cloud technology.
As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and a Salesforce Platinum Partner, the company helps clients connect their front office and back office by building a new operating model that allows them to harness the benefits of both Salesforce and AWS. The company is supported by a robust ecosystem of technology partners, proven methodologies, and well-documented best practices. Thereby, elevating customers by achieving operational excellence on the cloud, within a secure environment, at every milestone of the journey to becoming cloud-first.
With over 12 years of experience and a portfolio with thousands of successful cloud deployments, the company serves clients across the globe. The company has offices in Israel, Europe, and North America.

Олександра Задорожних

The primary role of the Senior DevOps Engineer is to build and deploy complex cloud environments for customers using innovative automation tools and cutting-edge technologies. As a Senior DevOps Engineer you will be responsible for setting up, maintaining, and evolving the AWS cloud architecture, as well as for supporting infrastructure monitoring and alerting, issues troubleshooting, and developing required automation for our customers.

  • 4+ years of professional IT experience (especially with Linux Networking, Security);
  • 2+ Experience with cloud providers (AWS);
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code tools (Terraform, Cloudformation, CDK , Serverless framework);
  • K8S knowledge, familiarity with AWS EKS;
  • Experience with Security Products (Firewall, Web Gateways, Proxies);
  • Strong Experience in Linux;
  • Strong Experience with container technologies (Kubernetes, EKS, ECS, Swarm, Docker, etc);
  • Familiarity with the Agile methodology;
  • Scripting abilities in at least two of the following: Bash, Python, Ruby, Go, PowerShell;
  • Creative troubleshooting skills and out-of-the-box thinking;
  • Ability to learn various technologies and topics;
  • Strong foundations with Git and gitflow methodologies;
  • Experience with CI/CD platforms (Jenkins, TeamCity, TravisCI, Codeship);
  • Upper - Intermediate English with the ability to lead technical discussions and walkthroughs with the Global R&D team (Israel, India, US).
Nice to have:
  • Experience with system monitoring platforms (Datadog, Prometheus);
  • Experience with centralized logging platforms (ELK);
  • Configuration management knowledge (Puppet, Chef, Ansible);
  • Information security orientation;
  • Experience with production environments.

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