Project Overview:

We are looking to recruit a diverse group to be able to best handle the diverse problems in the emerging market of Internet of Things. Currently we are seeking a Cloud Security Engineer to join our team and be based in one of our offices in Katowice or Berlin.  

At Relayr we try to embed Security into all of our Products to ensure our customers achieve their business goals and desired outcomes while at the same time keeping them safe and secure. Security at Relayr is an inter-team discipline which means that you will closely work together with the Engineering and DevOps Team(s). You will assist the Engineering Team in all security-related topics like e.g. general Security Consulting, Security Architecture and in the Development of Best Practices Guides. As a Thought Leader in Security you will help the Team to spot potential Security issues before they find their ways into our final Products by setting Security Requirements. We are looking for someone with a very strong technical Background and Experience in Hardware- and / or Software-Engineering. 

Рекрутинг лід
Анастасія Кісельова
  • Coordinate Penetration Tests with Information Security Team;
  • Support development teams with security best practices and advice;
  • Help with rollout of vulnerability detection and management tools;
  • Help the Engineering Team to build a world-class resilient IoT Cloud Platform; 
  • Drive System- and Application Security Monitoring and Alerting (SIEM);
  • Rollout and maintain IDS and IPS tooling for our Cloud Platform;
  • Build tooling that supports writing secure code and integrate with existing CI/CD pipelines;
  • Participate in Incident Handling;
  • Perform Azure security audits and compliance assessments.
  • Good Knowledge about Azure Cloud Platform (Defender, Azure AD, Key Vault, etc.);
  • Good understanding of OWASP Top 10 (OWASP IoT Top 10 a plus);
  • Knowledge about Dependency Management / Static Code Analysis;
  • Knowledge about Secure Software Development Life Cycle;
  • Knowledge about security baseline;
  • IaC with Terraform and provisioning with Ansible experience;
  • Experience with Linux;
  • A team player with the ability to work in complex cross-functional teams.
Nice to have:
  • Experience with TPMs / HSMs, SecureBoot and Full Device Encryption Concepts; 
  • Security related Certifications (like CISSP, CEH, etc.) are a plus;
  • Good understanding of IoT Edge Devices / Edge and Cloud Computing / Secure Device Onboarding;
  • Python and / or Bash coding expertise is a plus;
  • Docker and Kubernetes hands on experience (CKA, CKS).

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