Project Overview:

We are looking for a software engineer enthusiast to join our core development team in development of connected car solutions.
Our ideal candidate is a creative self-starter with great drive and motivation who wants to work on exciting products deployed by large global companies.
If you're looking for a challenging opportunity to work and have a say on products and services that are re-shaping one of the biggest industries in the world and want to be surrounded by a team of innovative and passionate software engineers.

Рекрутинг лід
Катерина Леспух

Minimal experience: 3 years
Preferred experience: 5+ years.
Good understanding of the following design patterns:

  • Observer;
  • Singleton;
  • Factory;
  • Constructor/builder;
  • Command, chain of responsibility;
  • Adapter;
  • Facade;
  • Iterator;
  • MVC;
  • MVVM.

Proficiency in C++ 98 or higher:

  • Classes - polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, class hierarchies, pointers to member functions, virtual functions, virtual classes, etc.;
  • Function overloading and overriding;
  • Function pointers and callbacks;
  • Exceptions and error handling;
  • Pointers, arrays, references;
  • Memory management
  • templates;
  • STL (algorithms, containers, functions, iterators, strings);
  • operator overloading.

Good understanding and experience with:

  • Multithreading and synchronization;
  • Network programming (TCP/IP);
  • Files, process management and kernel objects;
  • Video and audio encoding/decoding (FFMPEG codec);
  • Dynamic libraries;
  • Experience creating UI/UX applications;
  • Linux for IoT;
  • Unit tests and code coverage;
  • Docker - creating and using docker images;
  • RESTful web services;
  • Writing safe and clean code;
  • Handling crash reports;
  • Remote debugging.

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