Project Overview:

Office Manager is responsible for the arrangement of flawless office operations including but not limited to the management of services and processes that support the core business of company, ensuring the most suitable working environment for its contractors and their activities. Supervises and coordinates vendors providing services and completes the duties associated with purchasing and stocking supplies for office maintenance. Coordinates and leads the team of Office Assistants, Facility Specialists and Office Cleaners (Infrastructure Operations) to cover various areas of responsibility. Ensures provision of health and safe office environment, including compliance with fire safety in office premises.

Oleksii Karytskyi
  • Maintains all office (non-IT) equipment procurement, consumable and expandable materials, industrial and household items;
  • Evaluates and selects vendors;
  • Analyzes price policy and conditions of supply;
  • Negotiates with possible suppliers;
  • Reviews all contracts and agreements with vendors and/or sends for legal department’s review and approval;
  • Concludes the agreements for provision of equipment, materials and services;
  • Identifies and plans supply needs and stock;
  • Works with primary documentation;
  • Creates payment requests for approvals by timely submission to the system;
  • Ensures all items invoiced and paid on time;
  • Takes control of suppliers’ quality;
  • Updates suppliers service rates file on regular basis to ensure compliance with adequate market conditions;
  • Prepares petty cash expense reports.
  • Communicates and cooperates with the technical service of the business center;
  • Ensures proper running and maintenance of office, utilities and infrastructure by coordinating with suppliers and vendors of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, appliance maintenance, electrical and other services;
  • Plans and supervises basic office repairs (including furniture and appliances) and miscellaneous works as needed;
  • Arranges office relocation process;
  • Office furniture and non-IT equipment inventory management;
  • Explores, identifies and participates in initiatives, processes and procedures to improve operational efficiency;
  • Organizes the team to provide support during the internal events (corporate events, conferences etc.);
  • Assures all aspects of a safe working environment for contractors and customers, including fire safety;
  • Ensures proper execution of eco-initiatives (waste sorting, energy saving etc.);
  • Controls over the execution of team tasks and monitors satisfaction rate;
  • Carries out individual managerial duties.
  • Strong customer service;
  • Good communication and influencing skills;
  • Procurement and negotiation skills;
  • Problem-solving skills;
  • Facility management experience;
  • Financial skills, including budgeting;
  • Ability to manage processes;
  • Language requirements: English – Upper- Intermediate, Polish-fluent;
  • Computer skills: Proficient with Microsoft Office suite.

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